ANSIG version 3.3

Assignment of NMR Spectra
by Interactive Graphics

A program written in Fortran 77 for Silicon Graphics machines.

Copyright © 1996 Per Kraulis

How to obtain ANSIG

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Caveat: This documentation is not perfect. Some parts are not finished, some are not very well written. If you find any specific problems, please email them to Per Kraulis so that the problems can be fixed in the next release.


A paper describing the 3D/4D version of the ANSIG program as such is planned, but has not yet been written. The JMR paper is the original ANSIG paper, while the Biochemistry paper uses the 3D/4D version and describes some features of ANSIG in the methods part.

In publications, refer to:

P.J. Kraulis, ANSIG: A Program for the Assignment of Protein 1H 2D NMR spectra by Interactive Graphics, J. Magn. Reson. (1989) v 24, pp 627-633.
P.J. Kraulis, P.J. Domaille, S.L. Campbell-Burk, T. van Aken & E.D. Laue, Solution Structure and Dynamics of Ras p21.GDP Determined by Heteronuclear Three- and Four-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy, Biochemistry (1994) v 33, pp 3515-3531.

Other references

S.L. Campbell-Burk, P.J. Domaille, M.A. Starovasnik, W. Boucher & E.D. Laue, Sequential Assignment of the Backbone Nuclei (1H, 15N and 13C) of c-H-ras p21 (1-166).GDP using a novel 4D NMR Strategy, J. Biomol. NMR (1992), v 2, pp 639-646.
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P.J. Kraulis, Similarity of Protein G and Ubiquitin. Science (1991), v 254, p 581.



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The following have in different ways helped me to write ANSIG:

T Alwyn Jones, Ernest D Laue, Erling Wikman, Paul C Driscoll, Michael Nilges, Andrew R C Raine, Wayne Boucher, William Broadhurst, Gary R Swanson, Jennifer C J Barna, Peter J Domaille, Hazel Weir, Colin Hardman, Karen M Gould, Jean Thomas, G Marius Clore, Angela M Gronenborn, Johan Kördel, Herbert Baumann, Torleif Härd, The Swedish Natural Science Research Council, Nordisk Industrifond, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Philip Glass, Gustav Mahler, Pet Shop Boys, Curve, Jimmy Somerville, Laurie Anderson, Pop Will Eat Itself, Utah Saints, Underworld, Doris Lessing, Ursula K LeGuin, Karl R Popper.

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