ColorTool And FontTool

ColorTool - a program for setting colors of applications written in TCL/Tk
FontTool - a program for setting the fonts of applications written in TCL/Tk

ColorTool is a program for setting the colors of applications using TK widgets. The user selects the colors using ColorTool and then saves them to an application defaults file. When the application is brought up it reads its colors from the application defaults file. This doesn't happen with every application. The application needs to be programmed to read the file and to set the specific variables.

Use of the ColorTool and FontTool GUIs should be straight forward and will not be described in this document. The defaults file to which ColorTool and FontTool reads from and writes to is specified as a command line parameter. This parameter is optional. If no parameter is specified ColorTool uses the file ~/.CamraDefaults. If a parameter is included it may specify the file using an absolute path. (eg. /usr/people/joe/.aaargh). A parameter will be considered to be an absolute path if the first character is a a `/'. If the parameter is not an absolute path the file is considered to be in a location relative to the user's home directory.

The defaults file may or may not be existing when the program is invoked. If it does not exist a new one will be created. If it does exist it may be modified by the program. Both programs will modify only certain options within the defaults file. Options that are not used by these program will remain unaffected.


Tim Jellard - March 1997