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The XEASY Model
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Zoom Spectrum Menu
Strips Menu
Peak Analysis Menu
Assignment Menu
Integration Menu
Atom List Menu
Multiple Quantum Menu
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Geometries Menu
Miscellaneous Menu
Macro commands
User-Defined Resources
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Changes since Release 1.2
General program information
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Table of Contents


1.0 An Overview

2.0 Using XEASY

2.1	Starting XEASY
2.2	The mouse
2.3	Selecting a region
2.4	Selecting a point
2.5	Two-letter codes
2.6	Directories
2.7	Windows

3.0 The XEASY Model

3.1	Spectrum
3.2	Zoom Regions
 3.2.1	Selecting Zoom Regions
 3.2.2	Comparing Zoom Regions
 3.2.3	Zoom Region History
3.3	Phase Correction
3.4	Assignments
 3.4.1	Peak List
 3.4.2	Atom List
 3.4.3	Fragment List
 3.4.4	Fragment Library
 3.4.5	From Spin System Assignments to Residue Assignments
 3.4.6	Changing Assignments
3.5	Possible Resiude Types
3.6	Possible Assignments
3.7	Strips
3.8	Integrals
3.9	Geometries

4.0 Spectrum Menu

4.1	New spectrum         [ns]
4.2	Replace spectrum     [rs]
4.3	Replace contour      [rc]
4.4	Alternative spectrum [as]
4.5	Scale display        [sd]
4.6	Calibration          [ca]

5.0 Zoom Spectrum Menu

5.1	Zoom one region  [zo]
5.2	Zoom multiple    [zm]
5.3	Zoom alignment   [za]
5.4	Dublicate zoom   [zd]
5.5	Zoom transpose   [zt]
5.6	Zoom symmetric peaks [zs]
5.7	Zoom peak            [zp]
5.8	Zoom geometries      [zg]
5.9	View peak            [vp]
5.10	Enlarge vertically   [ev]
5.11	Enlarge horizontally [eh]
5.12	Goto left        [gl]
5.13	Goto right       [gr]
5.14	Go up            [gu]
5.15	Go down          [gd]
5.16	Restore zoom     [rz]
5.17	Forward plane    [fp]
5.18	Backward plane   [bp]
5.19	Permutation      [pm]
5.20	Goto plane       [gp]
5.21	Contour plot     [cp]
5.22	Int. and contour [ic]
5.23	Restore intensity[ri]
5.24	Plotting file    [pf]
5.25	View area        [va]
Zoom factor       [zf]
Load zoom         [lz]
Write zoom        [wz]

6.0 Strips Menu

6.1	Load strip list           [sl]
6.2	Write strip list          [ss]
6.3	Strip sequence            [se]
6.4	Goto strips               [gs]
6.5	Strip find                [sf]
6.6	Forward strips            [fs]
6.7	Backward strips           [bs]
6.8	Erase strip list          [es]
6.9	Append strip              [sa]
6.10	Insert before reference   [ib]
6.11	Remove one strip          [ro]
6.12	Hold strip                [sh]
6.13	Release strip             [sr]
6.14	Define reference strips   [rd]
6.15	Define correlation        [cd]
6.16	Compare close strips      [pc]
6.17	Compare correlated strips [cc]
6.18	Forward comparison        [fc]
6.19	Backward comparison       [bc]
6.20	Sequential assignment     [op]

7.0 Peak Analysis Menu

7.1	Load peaklist              [lp]
7.2	Write peaklist             [wp]
7.3	Delete peaks one by one    [dp]
7.4	Remove peaks in one region [rp]
7.5	Erase peak list            [ep]
7.6	Assign peaks in one region [ar]
7.7	Move peaks one by one      [mp]
7.8	Fetch peak into plane      [pl]
7.9	Copy and move peaks        [cm]
7.10	Move reference peak        [mr]
7.11	Move peak list             [ml]
7.12	Exchange peak list         [xc]
7.13	Adapt peaks to spectrum    [ad]
7.14	Peak picking               [pp]
7.15	Assign peak                [ap]
7.16	Select peak                [sp]
7.17	Display all peaks          [da]
7.18	List peak entries          [le]
7.19	In-phase peak picking      [in]
7.20	Anti-phase peaks           [an]
7.21	Editing peaks              [ed]
7.22	Set selected peak entries  [pe]

8.0 Assignment Menu

8.1	Load assignment         [la]
8.2	Write assignment        [wa]
8.3	Possible assign.        [pa]
8.4	Reduce to intrares. ass.[ia]
8.5	Reduce using ass. peaks [ru]
8.6	Editing assign.         [ea]
8.7	Report ass. stat.       [ra]
8.8	Update assign.          [ua]

9.0 Integration Menu

Load reference list            [lr]
Write reference list           [wr]
Select y reference line-shape  [sy]
Select x reference line-shape  [sx]
Select x & y ref. line-shape   [sb]
Find reference automatically   [fr]
Reset ref. line-shape list     [re]
Remove reference line-shape    [rm]
Check ref. line-shape list     [cr]
Line-shape integration         [li]
Interactive integration param. [ip]
Interactive integration        [ii]
Integrate rectangular regions  [ir]
Integrate strips (spscan)      [is]
Peak-pick strips (spscan)      [ps]
View reference peak            [vr]

Atom List Menu

Load library                  [ll]
Load sequence                 [ls]
Load atoms (chem. shift)      [lc]
Average chem. shift           [ac]
Change new chem. shift        [nc]
Switch fragment/map numbers   [sn]
Add new fragment              [af]
Write sequence                [ws]
Write atoms (chem. shift)     [wc]

Multiple Quantum Menu

Pick multi quantum peaks      [pi]
Pick and average peak pair    [av]
Generate average peaks        [ga]
Generate difference peaks     [di]
Generate [diff,avg.]-COSY     [co]
Strip symmetrization          [sm]
Reset strip symmetrization    [ms]
Zoom region symmetrization    [zn]
Reset zoom symmetrization     [nz]

Windows Menu

Default window      [dw]
Text window         [tw]
Color window        [cw]
Overview window     [ow]
Peak data window    [pw]
Peak editing        [ew]
Assignment          [aw]
Slice window        [sw]
Residue Type window [rw]

Geometries Menu

Draw lines          [dl]
Draw ss lines       [ds]
Draw rectangles     [dr]
Draw transpose      [dt]
Draw freq. lines    [df]
Remove lines        [rl]
Remove rectangles   [rr]
Load geometries     [lg]
Write geometries    [wg]
Draw grid           [dg]
Draw connectivities [cs]

Miscellaneous Menu

Display unit(c/f/n) [du]
Draw cursor         [dc]
Up and down mode    [ud]
Measure noise       [mn]
Apply to all ...    [aa]
write xeasy.default [wd]
start spscan        [xs] - not [sp]
Exit                [ex]

Macro commands

Load Macro           [lm]
Go Back to Macro     [gm]
Interactive mode     [im]
Non-interactive mode [nm]
Exit Macro           [em]
Command language
Underscore commands

User-Defined Resources

General X-Window defaults
Project-Specific Settings
Program-Specific Variables
Default File Paths

External programs

filegen2d Bruker 2D to xeasy format
filegen3d Bruker 3D to xeasy format
cpx32 copy from Bruker X32
cpx32_16bit copy from Bruker X32
filecon2d EASY to XEASY format
varian_xeasy2d Varian 2D to xeasy format
varian_xeasy3d Varian 3D to xeasy format
convert3da Varian 3D to old easy format
converter FELIX to xeasy format 
uxnmr_to_xeasy Bruker UXNMR to xeasy
pipe2xeasy NMR Pipe to xeasy
flatt3d baseline correction (P. Guentert)
project project multidimensional spectra
pick simple peak picking in multidimensional spectra (N. Schaefer)
peakint simple peak integration in multidimensional spectra (N. Schaefer)
infit scalar couplings by inverse ft
pslices script to plot slices with gnuplot


Spin System Assignment using [1H,1H] COSY, TOCSY
Spin System Assignment using 3D HCCH TOCSY
Sequential Assignment using [1H,1H] NOESY
Sequential Assignment using 3D 15N-Correlated [1H,1H]-NOESY and 3D 15N-Correlated [1H,1H]-TOCSY	
Sequential Assignment using HNCA and HN(CO)CA
NOESY cross peak assignment in 2D
NOESY cross peak assignment in 3D
Measuring Rate Constants


XEASY 1.2.0
XEASY 1.3.x
External programs
Bruker X32 to XEASY

Changes since Release 1.2

General program information

System requirements

Known Bugs

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