2.3 Installation from a Bruker Software CD (PC)

Bruker Software CDs are also available for the PC. The installation can either be done by inserting the CD and using the automatically popped up installation tool or by executing the setup program on the CD (e. g. E:\SETUP). The installation itself is self-explaining. It first brings up the Bruker NMR Suite installation from which you select further products like AURELIA/AMIX, FLEXlm etc.

There are two different ways in which AURELIA/AMIX can be installed: either as a single computer installation or as a network installation. Both methods can be selected independently of the licensing method you will use.

2.3.1 Single computer installation
The single computer installation installs the program for usage on one PC. All files required for running AURELIA/AMIX are copied to the local disk.

As on Unix workstations, the installation path of AURELIA/AMIX can be freely chosen. We recommend to use C:\BRUKER\AURELIA. The installation automatically registers the details in C:\WINNT\BRUKER. INI. This file must not be manipulated.

2.3.2 Network installation
The network installation always requires two steps (this order):
1.  the administrator installation on the server
2.  the network user installation on the local PC

The administrator installation is carried out by the network administrator using the AURELIA/AMIX installation CD. It only prepares the installation within the network and doesn't lead to directly executable program. When finished, the installation CD is not further required. During the installation, all needed files are copied into the setup directory (e. g. C:\EXPORTS\AURELIA). This directory must be exported to all PCs that want to share this network installation.

The network user installation is done by executing the setup program which is stored in the exported and shared setup directory (see previous step). As shown in the installation dialog, two options are offered :

network user installation / program on the server only
network user installation / program copied to local disk

If the second option is chosen, the name of the local installation directory must be specified.